TF-2215 Molle combat belt set - Coyote

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Task Force 2215® Tactical Molle Belt

TF-2215 offers this Tactical Molle Belt also as a complete set, preconfigured with basic Molle pouches.

The Tactical Molle Belt is equipped with the following Molle pouches:

• Mobile phone pouch which will current Smart phones or a small notebook

• Dump pouch (dimensions 19 x 29 cm) has the capacity to store various magazines like AK-47, M4 and various Pistol magazines. The mesh bottom prevents of built-up of sand or debris.

• Medic Pouch Large. This Medic pouch is the largest of two Medic pouches which we offer, and has a lot of room to accommodate all your essential medical supplies.

This Medic has a hook and loop rip-off panel, reinforced with snap-buttons in the corners to prevent accidental loss.

• Small Pouch. This pouch will fit a pocket knife or a small flashlight.

• Universal Pistol Pouch. It will fit all popular pistols including mounted weapon lights because of the full hook and loop adjustment.

• Circular Pouch. A small multi-purpose pouch to store small items like earplugs, batteries, keys, coins, asperines, etc.

Although this is a preconfigured set, feel free to customize it to your own needs.

On the left part of the Belt there is still room to attach i.e. Molle pistol/rifle pouches, etc.

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