Arma Tech - AEG Battery - LiPo - 11.1V 2300 mAh 25C

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High-quality LiPo battery pack with 11.1 V total voltage and 2300 mAh capacity, manufactured by Hong Kong based Arma Tech company. It consists of three high-quality lithium-polymer cells connected in one package.

The advantages of LiPo battery includes their compact dimensions and low weight while maintaining high current efficiency, low temperatures operation and low self-discharge rate.

11.1 V voltage and use of LiPo technology provides performance comparable with 12 V NiMH batteries. 11.1 V battery is ideally suited for replicas with strong main springs ranging from M130 to M160.

 Capacity 2300 mAh
 Voltage 11.1 V
 Discharging current 25 C
 Plug Tamiya mini
 Dimensions: 105 x 32 x 24 mm
 Certificate: CE & RoHS

LiPo batteries should be charged ONLY with chargers dedicated for this type of batteries. Overcharging the battery more than 4.2 V per cell or discharging less than 3 V per cell can lead to its irreversible damage.

 Used batteries should be recycled.

 - Tamiya mini - for replica
 - S4 - for balancer or dedicated charger

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